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            When I was first led by God to write my book, I knew that there were many books out there about how to hear God, but they were all
    theoretical in nature, such as that he spoke in the past, the various ways in which He spoke, and all the people He spoke to; but I was not
    aware of any books that showed people how to actually hear God for ourselves today, or how exactly God speaks to us personally, or how to
    develop that aspect of their relationship with Him.  So I conducted several searches on the matter.  
           With the power of the Internet, searching anything is fast and easy.  I looked on Christian book sites as well as on Amazon.com.  I found
    literally dozens of books with virtually even the exact titles: “Hearing God,” or “How to Hear God.”  Most books about hearing God are too broad
    in nature, merely outlining the various ways God speaks in general.  They also highlight only generic things that God says, such as God loves
    you, God has a purpose for your life, God wants you to be prosperous and successful, God wants you to live above your circumstances etc.  
    How God talks personally to us in everyday life is not addressed in almost every book about hearing God.  Even in most of the books that
    have “Hearing God” in the title, half way through the book we realize that it has now become all about us!  Instead of learning how to hear God,
    the focus becomes about the reader doing all the talking.  Many such books encourage the reader to read more, pray more, meditate more, as
    if more effort on their part will cause God to start talking.  A classic example is in one of the top 10 bestselling books about hearing God, here
    is what the first 4 chapters of the book exhort the reader to do, word for word: Ch 1: “Pray and ask God…” Ch 2: “Ask God for guidance…”  Ch
    3: “Talk to others…”  Ch 4: “Meditate and ask God…” I thought the book was supposed to be about hearing, not doing all the talking!
           Another common characteristic of many books about hearing God is that they are almost all theological and theoretical but not practical in
    the sense that they do not offer the reader much in terms of what they can apply to their own personal lives.  They deal with the fact that God
    does speak, and even how He speaks, but not what he says.  The content is basically the same in about 90% of them, and they even have
    almost the same order: The Bible, The Holy Spirit, Prayer, Prophetic people, Dreams/Visions, Angels etc.  Then if they are not dealing with how
    God speaks, they outline who God spoke to: Abraham, Moses, Elijah, David etc etc etc.  Not much fresh or new or how to practically apply it to
    our own lives.  
           Studying market statistics for books about hearing God, I learned that only 4 of the top 20 selling books have been published in the past 5
    years, and the bestselling book about it was published back in 1999.  To me that says there has not been much new insight that is practical in
    the past 10 years on the subject.
           The key words that describe the way this book is different than most on the market are specific, personal and practical.  This book
    deals with the specific ways God can and does talk to each of us personally and individually in the course of everyday life.  It is written directly
    from my own personal experiences, drawn from over 35 years of desiring to know and hear God, and developing sensitivity to the various ways
    God speaks to me, and the actual and practical things He says.  Understand that I am no more gifted or enlightened than anyone else; God
    speaks to everyone.


           God speaks in an infinite number of ways: audible voice, signs and wonders, natural manifestations, prophetic words, angelic visitations,
    dreams, visions, inner voices of the heart, silent promptings, even ways that stretch our theology and belief such as when He spoke to the
    prophet Balaam out of the mouth of his own donkey.  As I studied and meditated on this material, the Lord impressed two scriptural instances
    on my heart: the Tower of Babel and Pentecost.  They may seem unrelated, but they have a common element: God causing people to
    communicate in specific but distinctly different languages.  
           The first instance is at the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9.  It is interesting to note that for whatever reason, God is the one who devised
    and caused every different language on the face of the earth.  From that point on, whenever He spoke to an individual, He would have
    had to do it in that individual’s own language!  So if he wanted to pronounce some revelation to mankind, he would have had to do it in one
    specific language to someone from one particular tribe or nation, yet the very same revelation would have had to be conveyed in a completely
    different language to another person in a different tribe or nation.  The same word or revelation would have to be transmitted in several distinct
    languages that each particular recipient would comprehend.  
           The other instance is at Pentecost in Acts 2:1-21.  The interesting thing in the instance of Pentecost is that it seems God did the opposite
    of what He did at Babel.  There He created several diverse languages that confused the people and caused everyone to be scattered.  Here in
    Acts He caused several diverse languages to be uttered and understood while they were all unified.  These two incidents seem to me like
    bookends.  In times of rebellion and pride it was diversity of languages that caused nations to be confused and scattered; yet now in the last
    days God actually uses the diversity of languages to reveal and glorify Himself in the context of spiritual unity.  
           Another thing that stands out to me is a seeming contradiction in the nature and working of God.  The Bible says that God is not the
    author of confusion but of peace (1 Corinthians 14:33).  It’s even in the context of orderly prophetic speaking.  It seems to me and my feeble
    brain that if God wanted to bring people together in unity and peace He would have spoken a single language and made everyone understand
    it.  However His method of choice was to speak in every nation’s own language so that only they could understand it for themselves.  After
    pondering this for a while I actually like this method better, because that means that God speaks to each of us in our own individual
    language that we can comprehend!  God’s daily revelations to us are personally tailor-made for our own understanding!  I like it when
    God turns out to be smarter than me!


           Recently the Lord showed me an interesting thing to illustrate how we all are endowed with instinctive gifts and
    abilities to perceive God and our spiritual environment, and that no two person’s sets of sensory abilities are exactly
    alike.  One winter night I was driving along in the center lane of a busy 3-lane thoroughfare.  It was very dark and
    traffic was congested and stop-and-go.  I had slowed to a stop in a poorly lit section waiting for the traffic to
    progress.  Because of the darkness, all I could see were the dashboard displays on the cars next to, and in front of
    me.  The vehicle directly in front of me was a brand new, very expensive luxury SUV with a large back window,
    allowing me to see everything on the well-lit dashboard and console.  It was stunningly impressive and looked like a
    jet cockpit, containing every digital high-tech instrument and gadget imaginable.  It had vivid, multi-colored controls lit
    up all over it: the dash, the center console, the floor console, the sunroof console, the steering wheel, the armrest,
    even the rear view mirror had lighted controls.  I was very envious and wished I had a car like that!  In contrast, I
    glanced at the ones to the left and right of me and noticed they were very plain and boring compared to the Learjet in
    front of me.  They just had some large dials, a few small gauges and some indicator lights, all white.
           At that point the Lord showed me that these cars’ dashboards were a picture of people and how we perceive God.  Even though every car’
    s console and configuration is slightly different, every car on the road is equipped to sense the same basic information and communicate it to
    the driver to function in the vehicle: speed, RPM, fuel level, engine temperature, oil pressure, battery charge, if the emergency brake is still on,
    and so on.  And just like all these cars have the same basic instruments, every person, believer or not, has been endowed with a set of
    spiritual gifts and abilities to perceive God and our spiritual world, as we will see in this book.  Some cars may have more instruments than
    others, or more highly advanced technology, and are more visually attractive.  In the same way, some people’s giftings or sensory abilities may
    be more developed or more attractive than our own, but we should not envy other’s gifts nor minimize our own just because theirs are more
    dazzling or more public and flashy than ours.  We all have been given the same ability to see and hear God, just not all look the same.
           Just like that button some cars have that when you press them, the seat, mirror and steering wheel move to your own personal
    configuration, the Lord showed me that we all have our own individually-designed, tailor-made ability to sense God, hear Him, talk to Him and
    receive instructions from Him.  Everyone’s package of instrumentation is unique to their individual “vehicle.”  Some may only have indicator
    lights and a gyro compass, while others may have more advanced sensory abilities, such as in-dash GPS, digital gauges, Bluetooth capability,
    outside temperature gauge, tire pressure sensor, On-star connection, and others.  But as we will see later, such advanced empowerments are
    only imparted to those who desire them, seek them and utilize them to their fullest.  
           Will you be one of these such people who will develop more highly specialized abilities to see and hear God, and put them to use?  This
    book will show you how to acquire the most well-equipped and best-looking spiritual dashboard on the road!



 The reason some people have no trouble whatsoever seeing and hearing God, while others cannot perceive Him in any way no matter how hard
they try, illustrates my Big Idea: what you see is what you are.  It has to do with the nature of the objects.  Observe these pictures.  If you place some
objects in the sun, such as a candle, an ice cream cone or a snowman, they soften, melt and become useless.  Yet others, such as grapes, raisins,
plums, bricks or pottery harden, transform and become more useful.  Why does the very same energy from the sun strengthen some things while
others are destroyed by it?  
Because of the nature of the objects.  What we see is what we are.  
 To use a similar example, observe the magnet.  It has an invisible force that draws certain objects unto itself, while other objects can remain
completely unaffected by its mysterious power.  How can this be?  
Because of the nature of the objects.  A paper clip is drawn to it because it has
it in its nature to recognize and respond to it, while a pencil remains unaffected by its attraction because it lacks in itself that characteristic which
would allow it to recognize its power and draw closer to it.  
 We will see in this book how these wonders of science illustrate actual spiritual truths; specifically how some objects (people) recognize, are
attracted to, and are transformed by God; while others remain unaffected and are oblivious to the reality of God and the spiritual world.  We will
explore what it takes to see and hear God clearly, and how to become the right type of “object” in order that we might respond to His energy, and be
strengthened and transformed by it, instead of melting away into a puddle of uselessness!

    I am very excited to have my first book complete and now in print!  For several years I felt the urge and prompting of God to write, and to have
    several various topics of interest that I have been researching put into books.  It is fitting that this is my first one, because everything starts with
    first knowing God, then making ourselves open to hearing what he has to say to us on a daily basis.

    The Bible says that God is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow; or in other words, He does not change.  If He desired to speak and
    reveal Himself to the world, especially His own children, over literally centuries of history, then there is no reason to believe that he does not
    still do so today.  I believe God speaks to anyone and everyone on a daily basis.  The question is, are we tuned in to how to hear Him and
    understand how and what he is speaking to us?

    This book answers that question.  In the 1st part of my book I have laid out the Biblical basis for God to speak to us today, principles that may
    be applied in our lives to develop our ability to hear God, and 10 specific hindrances that prevent us from hearing what God is saying to us, as
    well as how to remedy them. I cite Biblical examples that illustrate the positive and negative of each of these hindrances and principles.

    The 2nd part of my book is a 52-chapter devotional section, one for each week of the year, highlighting one specific topic, such as praying with
    expectancy, faith, values, service, priorities, prosperity, wisdom and many more. In each chapter I describe an anecdote from my own
    experience that God orchestrated in order to communicate something to me, and what He said to me specifically. At the end of each of these
    chapters is a short study guide encouraging you to develop your own ability to recognize when, how and what God speaks to you, along with 7
    scripture verses related to that topic that may be used as a daily devotional for each of these weeks.

    I have included the Foreword and Table of Contents here so you may get an overview of the book.

    Click here to see the Foreword and Table of Contents
    Why Jeremiah333?
           It has always been my desire, interest and passion to be able to hear God, experience the reality of His presence and to continue to
    get to know Him better.  Probably the verse that best addresses this desire is Jeremiah 33:3, where God invites anyone to just call on
    Him and He promises us that He will answer us, speak to us and reveal to us wonderful things we could never know apart from Him.  So I
    named my ministry and website accordingly to reflect this greatest desire and purpose, and the primary focus of my writings.  It is my
    hope that the material you find here will inspire you as well to call on God, get to know Him, and that He will reveal great and wonderful
    things to you too!
Jeremiah 333   Ministries

Michael Glass
For God does speak-
-now one way, now
another--though man
may not perceive it.
Job 33:14
Jeremiah 333 Ministries
P.O. Box 370350
Denver, CO  80237
God's voice thunders
in marvelous ways;
He does great things
beyond our
Job 37:5
Call to me and I will answer you, and tell you great
and unsearchable things you do not know.        
Jeremiah 33:3
Dedicated to hearing and knowing God
The heavens declare
the glory of God; the
skies proclaim the
work of his hands.
Day after day they
pour forth speech;
night after night they
display knowledge.
There is no speech
or language where
their voice is not
heard. Their voice
goes out into all the
earth, their words to
the ends of the world.
Psalm 19:1-4
For the Word that God speaks is
alive and full of power [making it
active, operative, energizing, and
effective]; it is sharper than any
two-edged sword, penetrating to the
dividing line of the breath of life
(soul) and [the immortal] spirit, and
of joints and marrow [of the deepest
parts of our nature], exposing and
sifting and analyzing and judging the
very thoughts and purposes of the

Hebrews 4:12-13
Amplified Bible
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