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  1. katherine calkins says:

    I remember the believing that God was outside me far above me and was no more to me than a set of rules to be obeyed and if I was a “good person” I would someday be rewarded in the afterlife. As a consequence It was like living in grey when there was a full spectrum of colors I wasn’t seeing, not to mention denying my own truth and handing exorbitant power to outside authority figures to replace what I did not realise what I could have and I remember the day I learned that we have a direct and personal connection with God, that day was like walking out of prison. Michael shares a very real truth that we need returned to us. What he shares can give you your real true power back allowing you to navigate through this life wiser, stronger, truly better and more joyfully than you would without this necessary piece that you really do not want to do without.

  2. If you hate your life and feel hopeless, this book will give you keys you have forgotten and tools to help you live happier, The Secret can kiss my ass read this book!

  3. I read all Eckart Tolle and Louise Hay and Bhavatsky and Crowley all those New age feel good puffballs and the good feeling wore off after I failed to “manifest” or the book ended and life began, Michael is from another planet entirely but he dont give no pile of BS that will leave you empty after reading it. Brothers and Sisters, this is for real, this book is worth the bread you spend on it!

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